A laminated diecut shape attracts attention and adds impact! If you exhibit interesting objects, offer wildlife and environmental features, or if your facility possesses an intriguing architectural detail, you might consider having us custom design a special diecut shape just for you. They are perfect for promotional giveaways, for retail sale or educational purposes. Or, distribute a custom shape to your donors or volunteers as a unique thank-you gift.

The process is similar to that of our regular bookmarks. Simply send us your image(s), logo, and other information and we design the piece for you. In addition, we manufacture the cutting die for your piece once the artwork is approved. This die belongs to your museum or park and will not be used for any other project without expressed permission.

You will be charged a one-time charge of $95 for each custom die. This charge is based on a shape that does not exceed 3” x 9” on average (proportions may vary), horizontal or vertical orientation.

1 carton$165 each
2 cartons$152 each
3 cartons$140 each
4 cartons$129 each
5-9 cartons$119 each
10+ cartons$109 each


Our special diecut shape bookmarks are sold by the carton, 100 bookmarks per carton.
1 carton minimum.

Please call for quotes on large quantity pricing (25 cartons or more).