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Increasing traffic, finding large donors, & raising money
Custom bookmarks by Lamcraft paired with a savvy direct mail campaign have resulted in an increase in visitors, memberships, donations, gift shop sales and fundraising dollars for the National WASP – World War II Museum in Texas.

No Risk, No Up-Front Cost, No Further Obligation!
Fund Raising Strategies, Inc. has conducted successful direct mail campaigns on behalf of world-class museums, memorial sites and historic homes throughout the country. Every client received multiple benefits from their effective direct mail strategies. Will a direct mail campaign with custom bookmark giveaways work for you? Now, your organization can try FRS’s service at no-risk! FRS is so confident in their results-oriented, direct mail campaigns there are no up-front costs and, regardless of the results, you are under no obligation to continue their mailing program. Income generated from your direct mail campaign covers all costs.

Benefits of Custom Bookmarks & Direct Mail
Custom designed bookmarks, branded with your name and logo, are perfect promotional items. Unlike most giveaway items, Lamcraft bookmarks are professionally designed and produced with fine quality materials. Custom designs help sell your brand every time they are used, seen or given as a gift. Coupling a great giveaway item with a targeted direct mail campaign can increase your donor base, bring visitors from across the nation, raise funds for future projects and programs, and increase your profits. In this economy, why not give no-risk direct mail a try?

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