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Increasing traffic, finding large donors, & raising money
Custom bookmarks by Lamcraft paired with a savvy direct mail campaign have resulted in an increase in visitors, memberships, donations, gift shop sales and fundraising dollars for the National WASP – World War II Museum in Texas.

No Risk, No Up-Front Cost, No Further Obligation!
Fund Raising Strategies, Inc. has conducted successful direct mail campaigns on behalf of world-class museums, memorial sites and historic homes throughout the country. Every client received multiple benefits from their effective direct mail strategies. Will a direct mail campaign with custom bookmark giveaways work for you? Now, your organization can try FRS’s service at no-risk! FRS is so confident in their results-oriented, direct mail campaigns there are no up-front costs and, regardless of the results, you are under no obligation to continue their mailing program. Income generated from your direct mail campaign covers all costs.

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