Our Process

Step 1: Upload images and logo to our secure FTP site

Images before

  • Original image size (preferred)

  • Uncropped and unedited file (preferred)

  • Sized at 300 dpi or better (preferred)

  • Saved in .jpg, .tif, .eps and/or .pdf format

  • Photos taken with a 2 Megapixel or better camera/iPhone will take adequately sized images

Step 2: Your images are enhanced

Images after enhancement

  • Images may be sharpened to increase clarity

  • Glare from camera flash/exhibit case glass reduced (if necessary)

  • Colors/brightness of image may be enhanced and/or corrected

  • Scratches, push pins holes, spotting, etc. removed

  • Areas of image loss fixed (if necessary)

  • Artifacts/exhibit pieces are cut out from the photograph (Option D)

Step 3: Your bookmark layout is created

Finished Bookmark Layout

  • Images, logo and informational copy are evaluated for optimum design capabilities

  • A custom layout is created from the submitted materials

  • At the designer's discretion, additional elements such as background textures, text and images may be added to enhance the overall appearance of the layout

Step 4: A digital proof is sent via email

Proof via email

  • A proof will be sent to the primary contact on your account

  • Upon review, you will have the opportunity to provide informational copy - if copy was not provided prior to design creation - and a detailed list of the specific changes, if any, you would like made to your design. As part of your order, you will receive ONE round of design/wording changes free of charge. Please note: each additional round of changes will incur charges.

  • If applicable, a revised proof showing the addition of copy/revisions will be emailed to you for final review and approval.

Step 5: Submit your written approval via email

  • Email your written approval to your museum account representative. Please note: Lamcraft is not responsible for errors/omissions once we receive your proof approval.


Step 6: Place your order

  • Call your museum account representative at 800.821.1333 to place an order.


Step 7: Production and shipping

  • Museum orders are typically run every Thursday and ship within 1-2 business days.

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