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Getting Started

General questions

What do you need to get started on my design?

To get started we will need your photos, logo, design requests (if any) and signed Reprint Release form. Informational copy for the back side of your bookmark may be submitted after the design is complete to determine the space available for wording.


Our museum has never sold a custom bookmark. What should we print on it?

What is popular with your visitors? What would they like to take home as a souvenir of their visit? When selecting photos, we highly recommend submitting a variety of image types: exterior images (panoramic/wide angle scenic shots), historic photographs, images of popular artifacts/exhibit pieces from your collection, etc.


I have many photos, but I cannot decide which images to send to you. Is there a submission limit?

No. Please feel free to upload as many images as you would like to our secure FTP site; a wide variety and selection of images is quite helpful for the creative design process.


How many images should I send?

The FTP upload feature on our secure website can easily handle very large files and also a large number of files. Please feel free to send a wide variety of images and feel free to upload as many images as you would like.  The more images we have to work with, the more creative our staff can be in making your custom design.


Does the back side of the bookmark have to be all text?

No. Typically one to four photos (determined by the layout created), a logo, website address, and a few lines of informational text are printed on the back side.


What is your turn around time?

After we receive your written approval of the proof by email, your bookmarks will be scheduled for the next production run. Museum bookmarks are typically run every Thursday and shipped within 1-2 business days.


How do I contact you?

Click the Contact page link to send us a message, or call us at 800.821.1333.



Photograph size, quality and submission questions

How do I send my photos, logo and bookmark copy to you?

You may quickly and easily upload images to an account folder on our secure ftp site. Contact us at 1.800.821.1333 to set up a secure account folder for you on our website.


What size do the images need to be?

We print at a very high resolution (300 dpi), so photos must be much larger than they would need to be for printing at your local printer (Costco, Kinkos, etc.).  Any camera/iPhone that is 2 Megapixel or better takes perfectly sized images. Simply locate the original unedited file(s) and upload them to your folder on our secure website. We do recommend scanning vintage photos at 300 dpi or better.


How can I tell if my photos are large enough for printing?

The easiest way to tell if your photos are large enough for printing is to look at the file size. If your image is less than 500 kb, it will likely be too small to use. The majority of images found on the internet will not work, and most have copyright restrictions as well.  If you have a question about whether your photo is large enough, feel free to upload it to your folder on our FTP site. We will let you know if it is a workable size.


I have photos from a professional photographer. May I use them?

Yes, provided you have proper reprinting permissions.  It is your responsibility to be certain you have looked at your contract to ensure you have these permissions. Without them, you will be legally responsible for copyright infringement.


I have photos from a professional photographer, but they are too small. How do I get larger ones to you?

Check with your photographer to obtain high resolution images.  Again, please be certain you have reprinting permissions for all photos you submit. We WILL NOT print a professional photo on your custom product without a signed Reprint Release Form stating you have legal reprinting permission from the photographer.


Our museum does not have money for professional photographs, but I do have a digital camera/iPhone. May I send you pictures I have taken?

Yes. Any digital camera/iPhone that is 2 Megapixel or better takes adequately sized photos. Simply upload the original unedited file(s) to your account folder on our secure FTP site. Please do not crop, reduce the size or resolution of the photo before you send it to us.


Should I edit my photos before sending them to you?

No. Our service does include a limited amount of professional editing; we only recommend this for individuals who are comfortable with photo editing.


My photo has a blemish (scratch, push pin hole, is too light, etc.). Can you fix it?

Yes. Limited photo touch up is included with our service. Extensive photo retouching may be requested at an additional cost.


My photo has an artifact/exhibit piece we want on the bookmark, but the background is undesirable. Can you cut it out?

Yes.  With Design Option D an artifact/exhibit piece may be cut from a photograph and placed with other artifacts/images to create a collage design. See our image galleries for examples of this design style.


I have a color photograph. Can you convert it to black & white or sepia to make it look more historic/vintage?

Yes. Photo conversion is included in our service.


I have very old photos. What is the best way to get them to you?

We strongly advise against sending original photographs in the mail. We recommend all vintage photos be scanned at 300 dpi or better; the scans may then be uploaded to your account folder on our secure website.


What types of files do you accept for individual photos?

We accept photos saved in .jpg, .tif, .eps and .pdf format.


Can you print any licensed characters, logos or graphics in my custom design?

We cannot print licensed characters, logos, or other graphics without a signed, written Reprint Release Form from the owner of the image containing a licensed character(s), logo, or other graphics. You may obtain a release by contacting the legal department of the license holder.



Design proof questions

I have sent in my images, logo and bookmark copy. When may I expect to receive my proof?

After we receive print-quality photos/logo, complete information and applicable releases, a proof of your custom design will typically be emailed to you within 7-10 business days.


Do I get a physical proof?

We will send you a digital proof to you via email. Upon request, a physical sample may be mailed to you at a nominal charge. Please note: mailing a physical sample does extend the completion time of your order.


How do I make a change to my proof?

Just reply to the email address you received with your proof and provide a detailed list of the specific changes you would like made. As part of your order, you will receive one round of changes free of charge. A new proof, showing the revisions, will be emailed to you for review and approval.


How many changes can I make?

You may submit one list of changes for your proof at no charge. Additional changes will be billed at our standard design rate of $65 per hour.



Minimum order and additional charges/fees questions

What is the minimum order amount?

The minimum order for any design is 100 pieces, with the exception of lenticular bookmarks which have a minimum order of 500 pieces per design.


If I order in bulk to take advantage of your quantity discount, may I split my order?

With your first order, you may order 400 or more bookmarks and up to 4 different designs - enough to fill each slot in our 4-up display stand.


Is printing on the front and back included in the price?



Is full color printing on both sides included in the price?



Do you have additional fees for set-up or a running charge?



Submit Your Own Design

Design submission questions

I would like to submit my own design, where do I find your submission requirements?

faq_submit_templateAll supporting images must be saved as .tif, .pdf, .eps, or high-resolution .jpg (miniumum 300 dpi) files. All fonts must be included with the document unless converted to outlines.

With a full-bleed, the bookmark layout measures 2 1/8" x 7 1/4" (see illustration on the right). There is an 1/16" bleed on the left and right sides and an 1/8" bleed on the top and bottom of each bookmark layout.

Finished bookmarks measure 2" x 7" after die-cutting and lamination.

The live area (indicated by the gray box in the illustration) measures 1 5/8" x 6 5/8" and is the area that any critical information, such as text or logos, should stay within unless a full bleed is part of the design.

If you have any questions or need assistance with the layout/submission requirements, contact our design department.


I would like to submit my own design, what file types do you accept?

We accept files saved as .tif, .pdf, .eps, or high-resolution .jpg (miniumum 300 dpi) and most files created in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign.


I would like to submit my own design, do you need layered files or may I send a flattened image?

To ready your layout for our printing and production processes, we prefer to receive layered files so that slight adjustments may be made if necessary. If adjustments are necessary, a proof will be sent to you for review and approval prior to production.



Non-English language and international shipping questions

Do you offer custom designs in languages other than English?

Currently, our staff members are not fluent in any language other than English. If you wish to have your item printed in another language, you will need to provide the text. Please note: it is important to make sure that we receive the text in its original format with all necessary accents and symbols.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Please note: many countries have import tariffs and import taxes. We do not pay import tariffs nor import taxes. All tariffs/taxes, if applicable, will be your responsibility and will be due upon delivery to your carrier.


What is the cost to ship to my country?

The shipping price for each country is different, therefore we are unable to provide a general shipping price. When you place your order, you will receive a specific quote for your shipment.


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